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"...multiple studies have shown music therapy can improve quality of life, inspire feelings

of peace, spirituality and hope,

and reduce pain."

from The New York Times Music Therapy Offers an End-of-Life Grace Note

A crowd-sourced playlist of songs that get us motivated to take action. Add your song from your phone or desktop app!

Songs about games to get you in the mood for Whaddya Know Game Night.

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Get inspired by these Broadway tunes as you get ready to see the play Honoring Choices - or do anything else.

Game Show Set

Get ready for Whaddya Know  with these classic game show hits!

Payphones on yellow

Set the Mood - Spin the Tunes! Get ready to take the call to be a health care agent.

Open Books

Podcasts about advance care planning and end of life to help you think deeper about what you want.

Turn Tables

Music to inspire people to change the advance care planning conversation by starting it as a health care agent.

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